Lessons from the Kung Fu Panda and Oxfam

Two weeks ago I competed in the Oxfam Brisbane Trailwalker in the Brisbane Forest Park.  I brought together a team and we came under the banner of Spirit.3H.  We trained for 6 months every Sunday walking up and down hills and covering about 500 kilometers in training before the event.  On the event day, 2 team members (including me) retired after 72 kilometers within injuries) while the remaining 2 team members finished 8 hours later.

 A recent blog by Linda Ferguson about Kung Fu Panda 2 prompted me to put thoughts to paper about my experiences as a leader in the bush and my role as a HR professional.  In the movie there are a few messages that are worth remembering that can be translated to our role as dedicated HR professionals.  Many mythic hero stories have the hero venture far from home to face a life threatening ordeal and an evil opponent to battle in the classic good vs. evil story line.  And in all these classic tales the hero must face his/her own inner demons to find his/her real powers and inner strength to defeat the opponent.

 For me as a leader leading team of unique individuals, the major lesson is that our victory isn’t over an outside other entity, not from a spiritual sense.  No, it is a victory over our own inner dragons that is the real story.  It is an inner quest to discover your true destiny, your inner strength, and connect with the Source of your being.  Is this true at work?

 I learnt an important heroic lesson on the track in that you need to have a still mind, connecting to your Source, inner peace and clarity prevail.  If you do not have this, intuition, guidance, and your inner wisdom can emerge.  This inner peace conquers doubts, worries, distractions, and obstacles by having them flow effortless around you.  As a HR professional do you learn to let others have their opinions and judgments, saying what they will without it disturbing your inner peace and concentration, you’ll learn the way of the Tao.

 The last lesson is a particularly good reminder for HR professionals.  Your history doesn’t determine your future.  No matter what your background is, you now choose what role you want to be and become within your organisation.  Even with the best support and encouragement from those within, success isn’t guaranteed.  How you live your life, with what you have in front of you now, is what counts.

 What’s your challenge for today?  How will you respond to that challenge?  Will you take on a ‘poor-pity me’ role or will you step into your power and do what is yours now to do?  How are your unique HR talents and gifts being called upon today in the work you are doing?

One Response

  1. Yes Mate, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” I like the blog. I like the power of the positive. It’s a strong force.

    Terrific to be out in the mountains with you again this morning Tony. I actually found it a little testing on some of those hills, three weeks on. So it was clearly something I needed.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Mate,


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