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Looking to 2012: 14 HR Predictions, and Balancing the Global Workforce

Posted on 1 December by by John Hollon Vice President for Editorial of TLNT.com, and the former Editor of Workforce Management. He gazes into his crystal ball to predict andd try to get a fix on what might be out there in front of us in the year to come. Read on …

The latest report – Strategic Human Resources and Talent Management: Predictions for 2012 – Driving Organizational Performance amidst an Imbalanced Global Workforce – predicts that “leading-edge HR teams will drive competitive advantage for their organizations by building a borderless, agile workplace with new and changed talent and learning strategies in 2012.”

An “imbalance in talent markets”

The report “points out that not only has the global recession continued in 2011, but the disparity between the fast-growing emerging economies and the slower-growing U.S. and European economies grew in size. This confluence of events has forced organizations to tap talent markets globally.”

According to Josh Bersin, the CEO of Bersin & Associates, “Our research shows that nearly every major business is trying to globalize is operations, move talent and business towards areas of growth, and at the same time improve the engagement, retention and performance of the workforce everywhere else. There has been a paradoxical imbalance in talent markets. Despite high levels of unemployment, employers are having a hard time finding the right skills. This imbalance is producing an incomparable talent scarcity that threatens economic growth around the world and has fundamentally changed the way we approach workforce management.”

If you look back at Bersin’s 2011 predictions, you’ll find that they were fairly accurate and that much of what they saw coming this year in happening right now. When you are prognosticating, that’s about as good as it gets. So, here are Bersin’s predictions for 2012:

14 predictions for 2012

  1. Global workforce imbalance will drive a new focus on talent acquisition.
  2. The HR and talent team goes globally local (Glocal).
  3. Talent acquisition joins the talent management team.
  4. Talent acquisition goes social, forcing a reinvention of agencies and job boards.
  5. Employee engagement takes center stage.
  6. Corporate training will continue to transform itself.
  7. Performance management will go agile.
  8. Talent mobility strategies will become mainstream.
  9. Organizations will accelerate their focus on career development.
  10. Social Rewards, Social Learning, Social Performance Management, Social Recruiting, Social Career Management will all take off in 2012..
  11. New Models, diversity and “girl power” will drive leadership strategies.
  12. Talent management software market: growth, convergence and disruption.
  13. Big Data: data science and talent segmentation will differentiate leading organizations.
  14. High-performing businesses will focus on “reskilling” HR teams.

That’s a lot of predictions to absorb, and of course, there’s a lot more in the actual and (free) report for you to dig into, because my synopsis of the 14 trends just barely brushed the surface.

With workplace competition and the battle for talent continuing to ratchet up, you need all the help — and insight — that you can get.

John Hollon is Vice President for Editorial of TLNT.com, and the former Editor of Workforce Management. He has written extensively about human resources and talent management, including here at TLNT. Contact him at john@tlnt.com, and follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/johnhollon

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  1. Thanks again Tony for your great blog! Loved this insightful article

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