6 Elements That Team Players Have

Words: Tony Wiggins, Jeff Haden, Rock The Post

In my previous blog post I focused on the ‘8 Qualities of your Best Employees’ by Jeff Haden.  In that blog post, Jeff described great employees as reliable, dependable, proactive, diligent, great leaders and great followers… they possess a wide range of easily defined but hard to find qualities.

Taking this conversation a bit further, what happens when these employees members form a team. I found this fascinating blog post by Rock the Post that focuses on the core 6 elements that team players have, read on …

Everybody aims for success, which is primarily done through landing a job and by working in a team. In fact, the presence of many skilled professionals in a team motivates a person to strive and work harder. Professional achievement as a team is quite fulfilling, however, achieving personal success with one’s skills, attitude, abilities and knowledge is more significant.

Below are are the 6 key elements that every team player has. With this in mind, a team player:

1. Is reliable.

Essentially, if you are a new employee you need to fit in and get along with the other workers in order for the organisation to run smoothly. A true team player is an employee that can be counted on to do his part of the job and someone that can be trusted upon to complete tasks. Nevertheless, he/she should also be able to work with full cooperation amongst other colleagues. Observing such environment would bring a team player to success!

2. Shares goals. 

One identified essential agent to performance and success is “team spirit.” Though a business is equipped with marketing strategies, technology and capital investment and advertising plans, these are all worthless without the emotional commitment of the people working behind the organization’s success. With team spirit, everyone in a team is bounded to dedicate themselves towards a common goal of lifting up the business. A team spirit developed within each team player is the only ladder that can take them to success faster.

3. Has pride, passion, and belief

As a team player, put pride, passion and belief in everything you do. People who were able to climb the ladder faster are those that have a sense of pride in their work. No matter how small the job is, they are driven by genuine enthusiasm and desire to do their best. A team player who has confidence believes in the fulfillment of bigger goals. Climbing up the ladder faster is possible with pride, passion and belief, however, back it up with skills, knowledge, direction and action. Pride, passion and belief are only part of how to get promoted, skills and knowledge supports it. Your passion is willfully guided by the direction you set up; otherwise, effort can be just wasted. Then take everything in action as the actual task completion.

4. Has a firefighter attitude. 

When all other team members or other departments need help, be the first one to offer support. It does not only bring recognition as a team player, however, it will also give you an idea how business is done in the other areas.

5.  Differentiates himself/herself from competition. 

You need to stand out of the crowd to get noticed. One way of standing out from the competition in your current job is to have context awareness. So, start the business networking as soon as possible. Knowing what is going on in the industry will give you an edge of extra information. 

6. Helps others

Make possible effort to make your boss or the guy next to you become successful. In short, help people get promoted as this will give you key advantages. One is that you will earn an ally who will be able to lobby for your promotion and once you getup there; there will be a welcoming hand ready to assist you through your new job.

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