Bi Monthly Bulletin – Australian Attraction, Recruitment and Retention Network

Bi Monthly Bulletin from the Australian Attraction, Recruitment and Retention Network

Issue 1 | Number 2 | 7 April 2012


Welcome to the March/April edition of the Bi-Monthly Bulletin from – “The Australian Attraction Recruitment and Retention Network”.

1.     Membership

Our membership continues to grow at a solid rate as compared to the top-rating LinkedIn HR groups based internationally.  We welcome another 48 members from Australia, but especially from China, France, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and United Sates of America.


Queensland –  Auscript Australasia, Australian Business Training Solutions,  Blues Association South East Queensland, BHP Billiton, Brisbane City Council, Department of Transport and Main Roads (3),  Dr Caroline Acton, Eddie Rendering (2), Empire Careers, Griffith University (2), Hamilton James and Bruce,  Hatch, International Workforce, Mirror Professional Development (2), ONQ Human Resources, McConnell Dowell, Mondial Assistance, Peabody Energy, Placement Brokers, Paradise Resort, QGCPO,  Queensland Alumina Ltd, Thinc Recruitment, TMS Consulting, WRS Centre, Yes Optus

New South Wales ABB Australia, Active Recruitment,  DFAT Australian Government,  Freelance, Lend Lease Infrastructure Services,  McCall Australia, Stauff, SITA Australia, Sustainergy

Victoria – Spectrum People | Western Australia – Global Resources | Tasmania – Fossey Pb-Zn Mine


China – Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. | France – Le Havre | New Zealand – Refining NZ | Philippines – E Asia Company | Saudi Arabia | Singapore  – Pasona NA, Inc. | United States of America  – BAE Systems, Florida

2.     News and Events

Monday April 16 – Wednesday April 18 (Sydney)

Tonkin’s On-boarding Talent Forum, The Grace Hotel, Sydney.  This event requires registration:  Guest speaker – Tony Wiggins – Measuring the HR metrics of managed onboarding programs: Tracking the Results.

Tuesday 17 April 2012 (Brisbane) | 5.30pm – 7.30pm | Topic: Facing the truth about performance | Presenter: Tony Wilson

Motivation is a fluffy concept, but Tony Wilson puts some hard science behind how and why we choose our behaviours. Learn the hard truth about motivation, how we sabotage our success and lessons from the world’s best athletes about sustained performance. This presentation is for HR practitioners who want to take control of their performance and for leaders who want to understand more about why some people perform and others don’t.  This event requires registration AHRI registration

Thursday 26 April 2012 (Brisbane)

Topic: Leadership Effectiveness Group (LEG) | LeadershipHQ is proud to facilitate and hold the first Leadership Effectiveness Group (LEG) for Brisbane Leaders to discuss their purpose, challenges and insights around leadership and talent at AECOM.

Date: Thursday 26th April | Time: 5.30-6.45pm | Venue: AECOM Level 8, 540 Wickham Street Fortitude Valley.  Please RSVP to

Wednesday 27 June – Friday 29 June 2012

Tonkin’s 5th Learning and Development Conference, The Grace Hotel Sydney | This event requires registration Guest Speaker – Tony Wiggins – Measuring the success of L&D programs for the boardroom

3.     ‘Thought Leader’ Websites

PARTNERS in CHANGE, Geoff Pearman,

Geoff Pearman is an experienced manager, trainer and facilitator, recognised for his strategic and future thinking skills, his ability to initiate and implement complex organisational change and to develop innovative approaches to programme and service deliver

Spirt.3H, Tony Gibson

Tony Gibson has a holistic approach to organisational change that supports:

  • Developing communities, leaders, teams and individuals in a sustainable way;
  • Planning and appreciative inquiry with collaboration and consultation;
  • Changing cultures with respect, trust, energy and fun;
  • Developing integrated systems to reinforce positive change;
  • Enhancing wellness and leisure with adventure walks; and
  • Uplifting the spirit and well being with yoga chi gung.

Sonia McDonald, LeadershipHQ,

LeadershipHQ’s purpose is to partner with organisations and leaders in the industry – consulting and delivering best practice and innovative solutions and strategies in leadership, talent and change effectiveness.  LeadershipHQ focuses on: Talent Management, Organisational Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Change Management, Executive Coaching, Talent Acquisition, Employment Opportunities

If you find these bulletins useful, feel free to forward on to a work colleague or friend.


Tony Wiggins | Group Owner: Australian Attraction, Recruitment and Retention Network

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