Saturday Shoutout!!! Mentoring

Issue 1 | Number 6 | 7 April 2012

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Quote of the Week – “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – Japanese Proverb

This week the discussion focuses on mentoring.  I intend to share the 5 stories/blogs that show that mentoring is a relationship which gives people the opportunity to share their professional and personal skills and experiences, and to grow and develop in the process. Typically, it is a one-to-one relationship between a more experienced and a less experienced employee. It is based upon encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share.

#1 Target mentoring where it delivers most value, HR Daily

During times when learning and development budgets are tight, all organisations should facilitate mentoring, but two categories of employee in particular should be targeted.

#2 Mentor like You Mean It, Inc.

Being a great mentor requires more than experience and time. Learn to weave the right web. There are five steps….

#3 Reverse mentoring forces “challenging dialogue, HR Daily

A little-known form of mentoring is helping to change the attitudes of senior executives to modern workplace challenges such as diversity and social media.  Reverse mentoring pairs a senior person in an organisation with someone much more junior, but it is the latter person in the role of mentor.

#4 Mentoring: don’t rush into it, HC Online Magazine

Mentoring only works when you’ve got a specific outcome in mind: a goal that you’re trying to achieve and a strategy that will see you realise it.  Seeking a mentor before those goals have been clarified is a complete waste of everyone’s time, a leadership development expert says.

#5 Benefits of a Mentor, Law Street Journal Online

Months after landing a job at a Minneapolis-based public-relations firm, Tameka Davis was still looking for guidance on how to excel at the company and eventually move up the ladder. So she signed up for her employer’s mentoring program.  The now-26-year-old was taken under the wing of an older co-worker for a year, and the benefits were palpable: She developed a five-year career plan, improved her networking skills and learned how to work better with clients.

Next week’s blog – Coaching

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About the Author                                                                                                                      Tony Wiggins is the Founder and UX Editor of Saturday Shoutout!!! and The HR Architect Spends 5 Minutes with …. Tony utilises the blog ‘The HR Architect’ as a social media network and platform that empowers HR professionals to network, assist and support one another, spanning different countries, subcultures and niches.

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