Saturday Shoutout!!! 6 E’s of Employee Engagement

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Saturday Shoutout!!! 6 E’s of the Tonkin Employee Engagement Conference 2012

Issue 3 | Number 6 | 15 December 2012

Another year, another Tonkin Corporation Employee Engagement Conference has ended. The Conference brought together some of the best human resources managers from around Australia that shared their experience and knowledge of employee engagement strategies. It was an opportunity to listen to their strategies of their business that successfully increased their staff’s productivity and retention.  As one of the invited conference speakers, I found it an amazing two days and I’m still digesting all the great ideas I heard from great people. Also, it was another chance to indulge in my weekly post-conference pastime, looking back and trying to tease out key themes and takeaways.

‘Aha’ Moments                                                                                                                          From the conference I pinpointed 6 key themes in employee engagement strategies being used to develop and engage employees –

1. Manage – The formalised knowledge transfer from existing staff members to new recruits can engage, empower and manage the expectations of new staff members.  This in turn produces tangible outcomes and benefits for the business.

2. Capitalise – Despite the benefits of financial rewards, it is surprising that remuneration  is not the greatest motivating factor in employee engagement.  Practical and cost effective non financial rewards in alignment with business values maintain an ongoing positive and above all an engaged relationship.

3. Lead – The role of leadership in employee engagement starts with the CEO and cannot be done without the leaders taking this accountability and responsibility.  The aim is to create a mindset to lead through people through challenges and issues of the business together with role modelling  and managing with empathy.  Don’t confuse employee satisfaction with engagement as employee engagement needs to be built from the ground up.

4. Develop – Attracting  and engaging the brightest minds through the offer of relevant, career based educational opportunities.

5. Vision – Communicating a clear and motivating vision to attract and retain talented staff in a climate of limited resources  and growing demand for services.

6. Retain – Securing new employees and establishing them within your business culture through onboarding from day one.

On a finishing note, I so enjoyed the chance to reconnect with previous friends, make a few new ones, and go face-to-face with several people I’d only known “virtually” before.  Special shoutouts!!! to Julia Palmer (Business Networking Academy) and Megan Bromley (Red Balloon). And of course it was a cool to present with fellow colleagues Carolyn Ormsby (Deloitte  Australia), Shelley Tate (Fred Hollows Foundation) and John Francois (McAfee).

Conclusion                                                                                                                                   The employee engagement conference was very thought provoking and provided participants with exposure to current thoughts and ideas from leading Australian companies (private and public). The conference was the platform from which human resource professionals can drive their employee engagement agenda and contribute to business results.  Another great conference!

Next week’s blog – ‘Performance Management in Healthcare’ Melbourne Conference Report

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About the Author. To fulfil his professional and personal career aspirations, Tony Wiggins created ‘The HR Architect’ brand in 2009.  With a well-grounded focus and passion for HR, he thrives on working across his networks as a thought leader in ‘making a difference’ in the HR arena.

Tony Wiggins is the Founder and UX Editor of Saturday Shoutout!!! and The HR Architect Spends 5 Minutes with ….Tony utilises the blog ‘The HR Architect’ as a social media network and platform that empowers HR professionals to network, assist and support one another, spanning different countries, subcultures and niches.  Contact Tony at or @tonywiggin on Twitter.

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