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Saturday Shoutout!!! Virgin Australia Employee Engagement


Issue 5 | Number 2 | 10 August 2013

Saturday Shoutout!! Virgin Australia Employee Engagement

Your brand is only as safe as your least engaged employee. Engage your employees and align them with your corporate vision and values, as they are the face that represents your business at all levels, interacting with all stakeholders. Employee engagement is also an effective source for competitive advantage. Not only are employees an asset that is dynamic, flexible and resilient, but they are also difficult for your competitors to replicate, a source of value and uniqueness (The Right Group: October 2011).

The Right Management Group argues that it is your employees that will set you apart from your competitors, and airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia are a great case example of using employee engagement to enhance competitive advantage.

Virgin Blue distinguishes itself apart from its competitors through its cheeky jargons and more importantly its corporate value set being value for money, quality, fun, competitive challenge and innovation. Virgin Blue employees embody these five values and convey a message to consumers that distinguishes them from employees of Qantas or Tiger Airways.

In the article Virgin Australia: Employee Engagement Critical, Virgin Airlines Chief Operating Officer Sean Donohue states that “the most valuable aspect, in terms of engagement with our employees, is what I would call alignment… what I mean by that is every single member of staff is excited about our strategy and are absolutely clear about what we’re doing and where we are going as a company”.

So what can you learn from the Virgin Australia experience? Can you apply the same concepts back in your organisation? It is a challenge that requires great commitment and inspiration to achieve such greatness.

Graphics: Virgin Australia

About the AuthorTo fulfil his professional and personal career aspirations, Tony Wiggins created ‘The HR Architect’ brand in 2009.  With a well-grounded focus and passion for HR, he thrives on working across his networks as a thought leader in ‘making a difference’ in the HR arena.

Tony Wiggins is the Founder and UX Editor of Saturday Shoutout!!! and the HR Communique.  Tony utilises the blog ‘The HR Architect’ as a social media network and platform that empowers HR professionals to network, assist and support one another, spanning different countries, subcultures and niches.

Contact Tony at thehrarchitect@optusnet.com.au or @tonywiggin on Twitter.

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