The HR Architect – HR Communique – 10 August 2013

Issue 5 | Number 3 | 10 August 2013

HR Communiqué 

(News and Updates from The HR Architect)


Top 3 Pressing HR and Talent Concerns

In a special Deloitte’s Resetting Horizons: Human   Capital Trends 2013 report focusing on key trends driving   business and human capital decisions, the top three talent and HR concerns facing them today   have been revealed .  It is interesting   that findings between Australian and global executives were largely in   agreement.

The   report said “today’s global and Australian corporate leaders are focused on   developing new leaders and planning for leadership succession.  But given this finding, it is intriguing   that Australian leaders did not rank Leadership as their number one current   area of focus.” Read More

Your Fast Track to Success

Nearly every mid-size to large business in the world has some kind of performance management system – a process that, in theory, should help people set and achieve goals that ultimately drive performance.  Yet only 14 % of businesses are actually happy with their current systems. (Source: 2013 Harvard Business School)

In August, 5 complimentary assessments (valued at $1500) are being offered as a great way to have a diagnostic check-up of your performance management process.

To arrange a complimentary obligation free assessment contact – Tony Wiggins 0401 458 573.  Your call will be welcomed.

9 Sources of Inspiration for Highly Successful People

As part of an ongoing series titled “What Inspires Me,” LinkedIn Influencers Richard Branson, Naomi Simson, and other top influencers talk about what keeps them working, from a harsh rejection they received at the beginning of their career to the hard-working people they see every day in the office.

Naomi Simson founder of RedBalloon will never forget the pet name given to her by classmates during college: “Num” because it rhymes with “dumb.”  This story originally appeared on Business Insider.

Cards on the Table

HR is frequently asked to fix performance issues by providing training, when systemic, deeper issues are at play.  Instead of sweeping poor performance ‘under the carpet’, it’s being confronted more readily than in the past.

There’s no question that managing poor performance is a tricky area, yet it need not be ‘the event’ loathed by both employee and manager.

It must be remembered that, on the whole, most people don’t show up to work to purposely do a bad job. It’s therefore critical for managers to uncover the root cause of poor performance and determine whether an employee can be turned around. HRM Asia

Top Tips for NFP Employee Engagement and Retention

The Maxxia Workplace Insights: 2013 Not-for-Profit Sentiment Study, involving more than 1850 leaders and employees from the NFP sector, found people who work in the non-profit sector are generally happier and more satisfied than workers from other sectors, however around 50% of managers have considered leaving their organisation for career development and better pay.

Speaking from the Report’s launch, Australian Council of Social Service CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie said, “This confirms we need to work harder to ensure we can attract and retain the right mix of skilled and qualified staff. This is critical for the long-term sustainability of our vital sector, as well as its effectiveness.”

“The wider Not-For-Profit sector employs nearly one million people, or around 8 per cent of Australia’s total workforce, and the most recent figures indicate it contributes 5% of Gross Domestic Product.”

“It’s pleasing to know that most people who work in the sector derive a great deal of satisfaction from being part of organisations that help others. This is extremely rewarding and a key driver in attracting staff.” Read More

About the Author

To fulfil his professional and personal career aspirations, Tony Wiggins created ‘The HR Architect’ brand in 2009.  With a well-grounded focus and passion for HR, he thrives on working across his networks as a thought leader in ‘making a difference’ in the HR arena.

Tony Wiggins is the Founder and UX Editor of Saturday Shoutout!!! and the HR Communique.  Tony utilises the blog ‘The HR Architect’ as a social media network and platform that empowers HR professionals to network, assist and support one another, spanning different countries, subcultures and niches.

Contact Tony at or @tonywiggin on Twitter.

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