PURPOSE                                                                                                                                                                          To build great people…faster!!

MISSION                                                                                                                                                                            The HR Architect is a business devoted to developing people, their capability and their potential through great people strategies.  We view ourselves as partners with our clients to create great people solutions and strategies in making a difference that truly adds value to business outcomes.


The HR Architect Team offers:

  • Professional experience averaging more than 20 years
  • High level qualifications at a masters level
  • Diverse backgrounds (white and blue collar) including experience as senior managers or senior human resource professionals
  • Australian award winning initiatives in learning and development
  • Strong focus on innovativeness and accountability with best solutions


  • I    Innovative 
  • C    Collaborative and Consultative
  • A    Accountable
  • R    Respect and Trust
  • E    Energy and Fun

SERVICES                                                                                                                                              The HR Architect offers a range of services supporting the client and their business.

Employee Engagement

  •   Onboarding (Induction)
  •   Performance Management
  •   Learning and Development
  •   Employee Value Proposition
  •   Team Building
  •   Reward and Recognition

Talent Management

  •   Workforce Planning
  •   Recruitment and Selection
  •   Leadership Development
  •   Succession Planning
  •   Coaching + Mentoring
  •   360 Feedback

Business and Workplace Coaching

  •   Executive Coaching
  •   Leadership Coaching
  •   HR Coaching
  •   Career Coaching
  •   On-board /Off-board Coaching
  •   Team and Group Coaching

HR Consultancy Services

  •   Job Evaluation
  •   Policy/Procedure Development
  •   Recruitment and Selection Services
  •   HR Planning/Work Unit Reviews
  •   Workplace Investigations
  •   Outplacement Services


We have consultants based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and deliver services throughout Queensland.

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