The HR Architect “HR Communique” – 6 September 2013

Issue 5 | Number 4 | 6 September 2013

HR Communiqué 

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Not For Profit (NFP) Conference Melbourne – August 2013

NFP-conferencePassionate people are the fabric of what makes the third sector work and that attracting, training and retaining extraordinary staff and volunteers is more important that ever for NFP organisations (Michael Cebon, General Manager and Founder Ethical Jobs).

The Melbourne Conference happened on 27 – 28 August 2013 with over 30 great speakers from across Australia and beyond, presenting to over 200 attendees.  The conference presented the latest trends and forecasts to assist HR managers in making more informed and effective HR decisions.  General topics covered:

  • Best practice recruitment;
  • Leadership/training – prepare staff to take on future leadership roles and access crucial training;
  • Managing people well – inspire your team to perform and deal with challenges in the workplace
  • Health and wellbeing – implement workplace health and wellbeing strategies;
  • HR’s role in implementing ideas to improve staff retention. Read More


Latest Content from WWW

Time Off For Charity Work Can Improve Retention

Employers who allow their employees additional annual leave to complete charity work during office hours are more likely to keep their workforce, according to a growing body of research.

A recent survey found some 50% of workers believe they would be more likely to stay with an employer that allows its workforce time to work or raise money for charities during working hours, and that one in ten employees say they would leave a less charitable company and take a “significant pay cut” to move somewhere which allowed them time off during work hours to do volunteer work.  Read More


Gender Diversity: How To Get It Right, Randstad Women In Business Breakfast, Brisbane


HR Are You Ready?  Queensland Economy Bright Despite Mining Downturn

The Queensland mining boom is far from over.  That is the message from Deloitte Access Economics analysts who have predicted a bright future for the state’s economy, despite a major downturn in the resources sector in the past financial year.  Discovery Metals Limited and PanAust Limited both lost more than half a billion dollars last year, while Maverick Drilling and Exploration were down nearly $330 million, Deloitte’s annual Queensland index revealed.DRAGLINE

However, Ian Harper of Deloitte Access Economics said the Queensland economy was presently experiencing short-term pain as the resources industry shifted from an investment to export phase.  “The export phase is just starting to pick up and that is slated to last for decades,” Professor Harper said.  “The real economy is slowing but we are not talking about recession but the gear shift from phase one to phase two.”  He said Queensland was expected to continue suffering short-term economic pain but recovery was predicted from late 2013.  Read More


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