Gender Diversity: How to get it right!


So what are companies doing to get gender diversity right?

I joined many business women in an interactive Brisbane forum where Louise Perram-Fisk, Managing Director Emberin and a gender diversity expert, facilitated a panel discussion with:

– Kevin Campbell, CEO, Transpacific Industries,
– Brenda Mello, Executive General Manager, Human Resources, Transpacific Industries
– Ian Doyle, General Manager, Human Resources, Bank Of Queensland
– Richard Kennerley, State General Manager, Queensland, National Australia Bank
– Meredith Wilson, HR Manager Curragh, Westfarmers Resources Limited
– Maureen Frank, CEO, Emberin

This breakfast organised by Randstad provided an opportunity to hear about how gender diversity has been beneficial for companies and how it has brought additional  commercial value.  Creating greater gender balance requires leaders to develop a more “inclusive” culture that will not only benefit  women but build an environment  that will attract, motivate and retain the wider workforce.

I’m sure everyone walked away from this breakfast with insights to accelerate the gender diversity discussion within their daily work life and organisations.

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